SAAACA KwaZulu Natal Chapter
SAPS Accreditation Registration No: 1300073

Founder Member: National Arms and ammunition Collectors Confederation of South Africa - NAACCSA


Southern Africa Arms & Ammunition
Collectors Association

KwaZulu Natal Chapter

PO Box 50754
Musgrave Road
South Africa

PO Box 50754, Musgrave Road, 4062
Tel:  031 465 4757  Fax: 031 465 4757


The subs of R500-00 are due for the calendar year ending June 2016.

The AGM will be held at the German Club (now called Muskateers) in Barham road Westville at 12 noon for 13h00 on Sat the 5th  September 2015. Snacks tea and coffee will be provided at 12 noon. Please try and inform Carel de Jager (031 465 4757 or 082 368 4009) if you are attending at least one week before the AGM.



A very successful AGM was held with a bigger attendance than ever before. Carel de Jager delivered an interesting report and the accounts were held to be reasonable and were passed without change.
The committee was kept unchanged. There is to be a determined effort to arrange interesting and easy to manage get-togethers, with a speaker on a specialised area of firearms or firearm to give an informal talk to us all.


It is important that all your telephone, postal and email details are kept updated.

   Carel de Jager                          Chairman                                                                       all enquiries
   Bruce Shaw                                                                                                              General Administration Office
   Dave Gould                              Treasurer                                                                +27 31 465 4757  tel/fax
   Al Borsei                                  Chairman sub committee Member Selection       
   Peter Maunder                         sub committee Selection Member
   Graham Morrison                     sub committee Selection Member
   Robert Mortassagne                Committee Member
   Archie Benting                         Committee Member


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