SAAACA   KwaZulu Natal



The legal position of current Ammunition Collectors who hold their collections in terms of an existing permit issued to them by the police is not entirely clear. We understand, however, that these permits remain valid until such time as their holders are required to reapply as Ammunition Collectors by a specific date which will be indicated in regulations yet to be promulgated.

In this event the procedure will be somewhat similar to that outlined in the accompanying letter covering accreditation as a Firearms Collector. Ammunition Collectors will then hold a separate permit issued by the Registrar in addition to any declaration which he may have made in respect of the same person as a collector of firearms. i.e. “C”, “B”, or “A” category status.

As in the case of an application to the Police to become a collector of firearms an application for a permit to collect ammunition will have to be supported by a declaration by a collectors association confirming the applicant’s membership status as an Ammunition Collector.

Although there does not appear to be any particular urgency in the case of those who are already in possession of a permit to collect ammunition, members who are currently cartridge collectors (or intend to become one) are advised to apply to our Secretary in writing for the separate application form to register their cartridge collecting interest with S.A.A.A.C.A.

Provided this document is satisfactorily completed the member concerned will also be reflected as a cartridge collector on the Association records and the appropriate category membership certificate issued in addition to any covering firearms categorisation.