UPDATED 03 September 2021


Our AGM will be held at Musketeers (previously known as The German Club) in Barham Road, Westville on Saturday 2nd  October 2021, 12:00 for 13:00.

All Covid 19 protocols must be adhered to. The venue has a no mask-no entry policy as well as a register where name, telephone number and temperature must be recorded by everyone entering the venue.

There will be a reloading show and tell prior to the meeting with a start time 11:00. This will be presented by Brian Whitthuhn. Members who are interested in reloading or have questions regarding reloading are encouraged to attend this show and tell.

Snacks, along with tea and coffee will be provided by SAAACAKZN.

To facilitate catering and other arrangements kindly RSVP to and  by latest 25th  September 2021.

Remember that only members in good standing (subs paid and annual declaration submitted) may raise issues for discussion or vote on any items tabled at the AGM. Annual subscriptions, for those members not in good standing, are now overdue. Subscription amounts per category are shown on the associations website . The SAAACAKZN bank account details are unchanged

The AGM will be held on 2 October 2021 at the Muskateers Club in Westville, starting at 14:00

Matthew Everitt and others are building up a Lee Metford Mk1* 1892 manufacture for the NMR Museum and requires some spares to complete the project.

The Lee Metford  must have been a cadet cutdown at one stage because the stock has been cut back. I am looking for a

1.  L-E stock to steal the front piece of wood from to use on the LM from barrel band to bayonet clip

2.The LM had a different bayonet clip to the LE. The LM Bayonet Clip carried both the sling swivel and stacking ring on a common pin. This then was on a band that went around the bayonet clip and was secured by a screw. I have seen the sling swivel and stacking ring with offset fixings so the[] y hang centralised on the same pin.  I am looking for the bayonet clip, sling swivel, stacking ring, band, screw and pin

3.  The rebuild has no barrel at all so I am hoping to find a LM Barrel (full or cut back… I can always lengthen the cut back with a join under the barrel band because the muzzle on the LE and LM are the same …. The barrels only differ in profile towards the back. I am told I can use a LE barrel because the threading is the same and it will take a very practiced eye to pick up the difference so both LE and LM barrels are solutions.

Clearly we are building a deactivated display item

Fortunately the sights on the LM Mk1* are identical to the LE (only the first pattern are different, having Lewes sights)

New articles by M. Cobb and G. Woods.

UPDATED 16 February 2021

Due to spam being deposited on our comments, all comments have been closed.

UPDATED 08 February 2021

A very important email has been sent to all members email addresses on record, regarding confirmation of collector status requirements by members and that claimed non-receipt of the email will not be viewed as an excuse for non-compliance by members. Contact the office if in doubt.

UPDATED 04 November 2020

New Membership

No applications forms will be sent to prospective members  nor will any admin be done for prospective members, until such prospective members (applicants) deposit a non-refundable fee of Rand value equal to the SAAACAKZN joining fee (currently R900) into the SAAACAKZN bank account.

Once the prospective member is interviewed and admitted as a member, the non-refundable fee will be credited to the new members subscriptions due.

Should the prospective member not be accepted into SAAACAKZN, the entry fee will be forfeited by the applicant. Any prospective member must contact the SAAACAKZN Chairman by email at and request the bank details for SAAACAKZN.

Updated 28 October 2020

Forms for activity are available under News, Maintaining Membership on the FRONT page.

SAPS Notice concerning Competency Certificates

Other News

No COC allowed when membership subscriptions are in arrears.

Members who default on subscription payments are removed from the SAAACAKZN membership list which is submitted to CFR annually.

A reminder to all members that no invoices for annual subscriptions are generated to members.

Membership subscriptions are due annually from 1 July.

Members to contact and with any subscription or general queries.

Members must advise of any telephone number, physical address  and email address changes.